2/25/10: Web2Null (German blog) features Plan Mixer: http://www.web2null.de/plan-mixer
2/24/10: Social Media Marketing News 'Blog Stun Media' blogs about Plan Mixer: http://bit.ly/bbwg0D 
2/23/10: WordPress bloggers blogging about Plan Mixer: http://en.wordpress.com/tag/new-social-platform/ 
2/22/10: Diggers are Digging Plan Mixer on Digg: http://digg.com/people/PlanMixer 
2/21/10: Well-known Blogger in Singapore blogs about Plan Mixer: http://bit.ly/bB6OQs
2/20/10: PC District includes Plan Mixer on their page: http://bit.ly/agtVFt 
2/19/10: Spanish folks mentions Plan Mixer: http://bit.ly/afX5Hg 
2/18/10: Plan Mixer gets featured on IndianWebStartups: http://bit.ly/acZgcv 
2/17/10: Feedmyapp mentions Plan Mixer: http://bit.ly/drdhu2 
2/16/10: Indian blogger promotes Plan Mixer: http://vishalbatish.com/tag/planmixercom/ 
2/15/10: Plan Mixer on Tech Blog of Global and Indian Companies: Gajeebo  http://bit.ly/aCALD3 
2/14/10: Plan Mixer.com Fan Profile crosses 16,000 fans (and counting) on Friendster. www.friendster.com/planmixer
2/13/10: Plan Mixer promotes profiles on Facebook & Twitter (pls link to respective profiles)
2/12/10: Plan Mixer gets invited to setup a profile on BigStartups (please link to: http://www.bigstartups.com/planmixer)
2/11/10: Plan Mixer gets featured on KillerStartups (please link it to: http://www.killerstartups.com/Web-App-Tools/planmixer-com-making-your-plans-come-true)
2/10/10: Plan Mixer goes LIVE!!!