What is Plan Mixer?
Plan Mixer is a free service for you to share your plans with anyone and everyone. You can also search locally for new friends by plans.

  • Discover instantly if your friend’s plans are the same as yours without having to scroll down or going back to previous page(s) which is a waste of time

  • You can mix your plans with your friends by clicking ‘MIX’

  • Search locally for plans and not just new friends

  • You also have an option to find a date based on the car/bike he (or she) drives

    Use the ‘Search Garage’ feature

  • Search Plans and find out where is the buzz and how many planners are planning…

How do I get started?
Join Now, it’s free to register for an account. Invite using your email address books and quickly start sharing your plans directly with people that matter to you. It’s that easy!
How does it work?
Each time someone in your friend’s network visits your profile or their homepage, it shows a list of plans and comments left on plans. You’ll also notice people in your network using thumbs up and thumbs down as their opinion about the plan. This will help you discover what your friends think about your plans. One can search for new friends and/or plans using the search module and find out whose going where, whose doing what, etc. You may want to know whose going to be at your local theater tonight or you want to simply find a golf buddy because you don’t already have one.
Who should use it?
Plan Mixer was designed as a website for *everybody* (maintaining age requirements listed on the register page). Plan Mixer is free to use and there is no restriction on the number of people you can invite.


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